Empower Your Business With The Magic Of Machine Learning!

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Artificial Intelligence   with prediction engineering  for personalized shopping!

  • Facebook predicts which of your friends’ thousands of posts you are most interested in and recommends them, increasing your usage by 40%!
  • Amazon predicts which product you will buy next and  recommends it
  • Netflix predicts which movie you want to watch now and recommends it, increasing its revenue by 30%!
  • Target predicts which products you want to buy and  recommends them, increasing their revenue by 25%!
  • Telenor predicts which subscribers will leave and brings them back with special packages, thus reducing its attrition by 36%!

The data you have on your  eshop sites and your business is the driving force of your revenues!

You have thousands of buyer  purchases   and habits and   you will have many more in the future.

The data that is  collected on our planet in 2025 will need the equivalent of 250million cds  per day  for storage!

From this data, you can predict what your customers will buy in the future and notify them!

To mobiplus Shopping Recommendation Platform predicts what product your customers want and recommends  them, each one individually, for  their own product.

Brings new customers who want your products…the moment they want them, through the mobiplus app.

When they enter your store, it predicts what products they want to buy and recommends  them.

It even predicts which of your offers will have the biggest effect, which new products you should bring to market and makes  you successful!

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Learn why instore personalization and shopping data is the name of the game. 

How to create a personalised e-shop. Household Equipment  with Artificial Intelligence and increase revenue by 30%?

Get 750 extra products in your basket in 10 days!

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