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mobiplus official   member of Elevate Greece!

Elevate Greece is the national registry of the promising Greek startup companies that demonstrate significant innovation and significant potential to grow internationally.


Enrolling companies are accredited by the Ministry of Development & Investments – General Secretariat for Research & Technology [GSRT].

mobiplus is member of Elevate Greece since feb 2021.


We would like to thank the Ministry of Development & Investments and all the people involved for the accreditation.


We are innovative !!!!


We want to change things !!!!


We believe that we are in a new era of e-commerce where  businesses  should not  wait for the customers to reach them ,  but  predict what they want to buy next , using Artificial intelligence  ,recommend it and  bring them  in the physical or electronic shop to conclude the purchase.

We believe that consumers should have an intelligent shopping assistant in their hands, one that understands their shopping needs, finds the products that consumers want thought the web, using artificial intelligence, recommends the products and conclude the purchase.

Intelligent in store  shopping assistants will  offer personal delightful experiences to consumers helping them to find the products they desire and collect rich shopping data that increase your revenues  by 30%


This is what we are building!

We also believe that all the companies should go in this new era.

That’s why we made the service amazingly easy to have and  affordable for every company!

See how Lartigiano gets 750 additional orders in the cart in 10 days with mobiplus shopping personalisation platform!

How to create a personalised e-shop. Household Equipment  with Artificial Intelligence and increase revenue by 30%?

Contact us now to increase your e-shop and in-store revenue  by 30%!

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