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The new era in shopping !

The third edition of the “WMF STARTUP COMPETITION & CONFERENCE” of the entrepreneurship center of the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki (www.italchamber.gr) in co-organization with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki (www.ebeth.gr) and WeMakeFuture!

Festival www.wemakefuture.it  is aimed at Greek start-ups and groups of innovative ideas.

Mobiplus   will   present   the new era of shopping  in the  “Startup Competition 2023”, on Saturday, 16th of December 2023, at the International Center for Digital Transformation and Digital Skills (DT&S Center) of the CISCO company in Thessaloniki.

Mobiplus   has the aim to help retailers to move to the prediction Era.

Leaders in E-commerce and retail predict what customers will buy and recommend it.

They recommend it in the   eshop you enter  ,   in store  ,   in your Smartphone  , in house everywhere.

And increase revenues by 30 % because help customers find products they love.

We would like to thank   WMF   for the  excellent   initiative   to bring together nnovative start ups and present their innovations.


To learn how the top companies in the world increase revenue up to 30% from existing customers read the book below.

Read our book and learn why instore personalization and shopping data is the name of the game. 


https://mobiplus.co/ebooks/era-of-digital-shopping/: mobiplus finalist on the  WMF startup competition & conference Dec 16th 2023 in Thessaloniki !

How to create a personalised e-shop. Household Equipment  with Artificial Intelligence and increase revenue by 30%?

Get 750 extra products in your basket in 10 days!

mobiplus  member  Elevate Greece
Confirmed Innovation.


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