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700  additional  products in the   cart  in 10 days!

Lartigiano   is a leading pizza and Italian food delivery chain in  Greece.

Established in 1993 has 40  stores and a significant e-commerce business.

Lartigiano  wants to have  a  personalized e-shop for each customer, to predict  and  recommend to  each customer individually the products  they want to buy, in real time, automatically and offer  memorable experiences where customers discover new tastes effortessly!

mobiplus shopping recommendation platform  is a company-specific Personalisation  recommendation engine for  each consumer with a high degree of accuracy.

The recommendations  are presented on the front page of the e-shop, in the cart  and on the product page.

The Personalisation recommendation engine has been developed specifically  for Lartigiano  using their  Enterprise Purchase Data.

It has processed thousands of purchase data the company  posses  from its customers and it has created  a software  (personalization recommendation engine)  which  decides  which products should show in the e-shop to each customer.

They are different  for each customer depending on the cluster they belong.

To recommendation engine continues to learn forever the preferences  of customers as it is connected in real time with e-shop.

It sees the new purchases customers make and automatically adjusts the clusters if they change.

When the customers put a product in the basket the  recommendation engine predicts  if  the  customers want to buy something else along with the product they put in the basket and recommends it.

That’s how they increase revenues in  the basket!

In 10 days they had 1904 users who saw recommendations and put 747 additional  products in the cart!

You can watch the video below  where  the CTO of  Lartigiano  Panagiotis Mamatsis  presents the system..

Through mobiplus Dashboard  you can see the  analytics of  your recommendation engine!

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