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e-tennis and other leading retailers are transforming   Retail Paradigms through e commerce in store    , Next-Level Customer Acquisition, Virtual Try-Ons, Augmented Reality and Automated Returns. .

Let’s have a look how is this era of in store retail.

Increase product line in stores.

Retail   stores that usually have up 3000 products in store can benefit from their e-commerce platform in store that usually has more than 30.000 products and increase sales in stores.

Sales people can present products   that do not exist in stores using the eshop   and a 1, 8 m x 0,7m LCD screen offering memorable experiences to customers with personalized   product recommendations    based on customers shopping history.

Even for new customers mobiplus shopping recommendation platform   can provide product recommendations based on other customers history (content based recommendation engine)

Even if you don’t have the particular size in store , or the particular color in store using   Annie intelligent in store shopping assistant   can take the order and delivery next day.

In store Personalization.

Consumers can also find products by themselves  in store using annie intelligent in store shopping assistant , get product recommendations , have virtual try ones , talk with your customers service  real time  with one  click  and have  memorable experiences  in store.

Sales personel can focus on consultative services on clients freed by Annie intelligent in store shopping assistant.

Acquire customer and shopping data from stores.

Stores usually   have 3.000 customers and more that visit them every month.

This is 30.000 customers a year.

Retailers can tap on this potential by collecting customer and shopping information and remarket them in the web or email lor with messaging apps.

Annie intelligent shopping assistant    collects consumer contact information by asking to connect with the platform by scanning a QR code and connecting either with facebook, instagram, Google etc.

Also collects shopping information, which is clicks and purchases that this consumer makes in store enhancing the personalization of the eshop through mobiplus shopping personalization platform.

The eshop in the store is personalized using Artificial intelligence, shopping data from the eshop and store offering personalized experiences to customers and help them discover products they desire.

Retailers can remarket these in store customers in the web as they where shop customers and increase significant the conversion and revenues.

See here case study 10.000 euro for your e-shop!

To learn how the top companies in the world increase revenue up to 30% from existing customers read the book below.

Virtual try-ons and Augmented Reality with personalized product recommendations.

The combination of virtual try-ons and personalized product recommendations is a powerful feature that enhances the overall shopping experience.

 Virtual try-ons leverage augmented reality (AR) or other advanced technologies to allow customers to virtually experience how a product will look on them before making a purchase.

 This is particularly valuable for items like clothing, accessories, and even furniture.

  With   Annie  intelligent in store shopping assistant  , customers can use their smartphones or other devices to engage in virtual try-ons.

 Annie will recommend products based on the customer’s preferences and past purchases, and the virtual try-on experience allows customers to see how those recommended   items fit or look on them.

Annie utilizes customer data, including purchase history, preferences, and in-the-moment interactions, to generate personalized product recommendations.   These recommendations are tailored to each individual customer, creating a more relevant and engaging shopping experience.

Recommendations can be made through various channels, such as the Annie Intelligent in store shopping assistant big interactive LCD   1.8mx08.m touch screen or even through personalized messages delivered via the customer’s smartphone.

Annie Intelligent in store Shopping Assistant is connected via the store’s wifi   or LAN with   e-tennis eshop and mobiplus shopping recommendation platform.

The digitaldisplay    unit   is  LCD  technology  with   49inches   touch   screen , 1.8m x 0.68m x 0.022m , 45 kgr  weight , Android  11 , wi fi , Lan , 4G , speakers , pos handle.

Read our book and learn why instore personalization and shopping data is the name of the game. 

E-tennis   offers tennis and paddle rackets, shoes, clothes and accessories in 4 premium tennis shops. All the top brands at bargain prices.

E-tennis.gr is the largest online – specialized store with tennis equipment in Greece.

You will find all the new rackets of the leading tennis brands, Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, Nike, Adidas, Asics tennis clothes and shoes but also accessories, training aids and court equipment.

Everything at the best market price, ready for delivery and in incredible offers.

The company has stores in Athens and Thessaloniki in order to help the consumer in choosing the right racket and the rest of your equipment according to the level and the special needs of the customer.

At e-tennis stores, certified stringers (ERSA certified) handle the stringing of the racket using the top Wilson Baiardo racket stringing machines.

How to create a personalised e-shop. Household Equipment  with Artificial Intelligence and increase revenue by 30%?

Get 750 extra products in your basket in 10 days!

mobiplus  member  Elevate Greece
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