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https://pakobazaar.gr/   predicts  what house garden office  products the customer will buy with shopping recommendation!

Predict  what product your customer will buy and  recommend it  in the e-shop or in  store to make the purchase.

Don’t wait for him to search

Use Artificial Intelligence , your customers’ Shopping Data and mobiplus shopping recommendation platform   and increase your revenue by 30%.

Thousands of businesses Internationally are using Machine Learning and Shopping Data and delivering amazing experiences to their customers !

Experiences where customers discover products they want to buy without effort….without search !

To find what you want without   effort!

H  Artificial Intelligence  and mobiplus shopping personalization platform creates proprietary software  tailored   to  your business  that  predicts what products each customer will buy individually , based on customer Shopping Data   to date and decides what products each customer will see individually with a high degree of confidence that they will buy them.

It processes  thousands of shopping data you have from your customers ,  builds the program    which will   decide   which products to show in the e-shop   and in the store   to each customer.

Different for each customer depending on the cluster they belong to.

The shopping journey he belongs to that is.

It has   predicted   by analyzing thousands of your customer purchases what product to show to each customer according to their history.

Within your shopping data you have recorded trips.

That is, within your shopping data you have recorded trips.

The customer gets product A , then B , then C and so on.

Another journey is 125 journey where it takes A after Z , then H and so on.

And these journeys will change over the years. Because your clients’ habits change.

But automatically the  program that Artificial Intelligence has created for your business   will also change.

It sees the new purchases that your customers make and automatically   adjusts the  Trips (clusters)  if they change.

This program could not be created by a human being because it cannot analyse your customers’ journeys in such detail.

This technology comes to solve problems that were previously impossible to solve.

To learn how the top companies in the world increase revenue up to 30% from existing customers using Recommendation Systems and Personalization  read the book below. 



https://pakobazaar.gr/   predicts  what home  gardern office  products the customer will buy!

www.pakobazaar.gr is a leading online store of home  furniture and equipment products and operates in Greece , United Kingdom , Germany and other European countries.

It offers more than 120,000 products with Furniture , Toiletries , Lawn , Garden , Toys , Entertainment , Exercise & Fitness , Outdoor Recreation , Baby & Toddler , Pets , Home , Kitchen , Dining , and Materials.

The company invests significantly in recent years in the development of its online store, in the development of new products and in better customer service.

Technology is one of the important pillars to achieve the above goals.

It has embraced technology and understands that through it it will be able to significantly improve its services in the Greek and international market.

So he embraced artificial intelligence  and  mobiplus shopping recommendation  so that he could take the business to a  higher level.

So it can predict  what the customer will buy when they enter the e-shop using the above technologies and present it on the main page ,cart and product page.

This way the consumer discovers products he wants to buy without searching!

This is what the leading companies in the world are doing today. ….Amazon….  Netflix…Target…Face book…Teleport and many others.

In the video below you can discover how Pako Bazaar’s Recommendation Engine has been created!

Some of the artificial intelligence findings within the transactional data of PacoBazaar are shown below.

The software code that generates the recommendations is shown in the square inside.

In the first example if someone has purchased a 250w Bulking Machine the PacoBazaar Purchasing Data and the recommender Algorithm finds the customer would like to buy  next the following 5 products  and recommends them.

In the second example if someone has bought Chandelier Pendant with Chrome Crystals , the Algorithm has found that customer would like to buy after the following 5 products and recommends them.

And so on.

Many times when we buy things we don’t adequately know our next choice.

We need some help.

Help to discover a new experience, to become happy.

That’s what mobiplus shopping recommendation does today.

It makes your customers happy , increases your revenue up to 30% and makes you happy too !

700 extra products in the basket in 10 days!

Look here!

See how  the Lartigiano’s  chain is increasing revenue and basket with Artificial Intelligence !

Contact us now to increase your e-shop and in-store revenue!

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