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You can use Artificial Intelligence  with Machine Learning and your shopping data and get 700 extra orders in your cart in 10 days !

An average e-shop today has 40,000 products , has about 5000 unique visitors a day and about 100 orders with a basket of about 70 euros.

Each user spends about 1.8 minutes in the e-shop and performs this journey 80% of the time from his mobile phone.

So it is very, very difficult in 1.8 minutes for the customer to discover the product he wants in your e-shop.

This has been discovered by the oldest and thousands of other e-commerce companies in the world for several decades.

Companies like Amazon , Alabama , Netflix , eBay and thousands of others with millions of products in their e-shop don’t wait for the customer to search for products inside the e-shop but use Machine Learning and their customers’ Shopping Data so they can predict what each customer wants to buy and present it in the e-shop.

These  recommendations are presented on the front page of the e-shop in the cart and below the product page and are different for each customer depending on the products he sees and his past history.

It even works for new customers.

The    Recommendations    are based on the clusters (thousand of similarity groups of products and customers) that are captured within your shopping data in your e-shop and in your ERP!

Using mobiplus shopping personalization recommendation platform the e-shop customer sees

– Products he wants to buy

– New arrivals he is interested in .

– Offers he is interested in.

– Promotions  that interest him.

With this technology you can have 700 extra orders in your cart in 10 days !

Let’s take a look at the case study below and how Lartigiano did it!

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Lartigiano wants to have a personalized e-shop for each customer, to anticipate and recommend to each customer individually the products they want to buy, in real time, automatically and to offer unforgettable experiences where customers easily discover new flavors!

mobiplus shopping  personalization  recommendation platform   is a personalization recommendation engine tailored for each  e-shop  with a high degree of accuracy because it is generated from your business shopping data!

The recommendations are shown on the front page of the e-shop, in the shopping cart and on the product page.

The personalization suggestion mechanism has been developed specifically for Lartigiano using their shopping  Data.

It has processed thousands of purchase data that the company has from its customers and has created a software (personalization suggestion engine) that decides which products should be displayed in the e-shop to each customer.

It is different for each client depending on the cluster they belong to.

The recommendation engine continues to learn forever about customer preferences as it connects in real time to the e-shop.

It sees new purchases that customers make and automatically adjusts clusters if they change.

When customers put a product in the cart the recommendation engine predicts if customers want to buy something else along with the product they put in the cart and recommends it.

So increase the revenue in the cart!

In 10 days they had 1900 users who saw the recommendations and put 700 additional products in the cart!


You can watch the video below and see the technology in action.




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