Empower Your Business With The Magic Of Machine Learning!

Predict What customers will buy next week and increase revenues by 30%!

Download the ebook and learn how to increase revenues  by 30% using prediction engineering.

It is well known that human behavior, and in particular consumer behavior, can be predicted. At present computers posses significant computing power and gather huge amount of data from our digital transactions.

As a result, banks, financial institutions, retailers, political campaigns, hospitals, judges, companies and organizations, have been able to predict the behavior of people.

Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) combined with Predictive Analysis (Predictive Analytics), is a very powerful technology the correct use of which will help people to innovate in all of the aspects of our daily lives.

Amazon can predict which product a customer will purchase and recommends it. As a result, 35% the company’s sales are derived from the recommended products.

Netflix predicts which series or movie you would like to see based on what you’ve already seen utilizing data from millions of users and generates 17billion in revenues from  product recommendations.

Telenor predicts which subscriber is considering changing provider and sends him  a relevant content with offers, accomplishing  36% reduction in customers who otherwise  would have  changed service provider.

Ecommerce and retail businesses that use  recommendation engineering have:

  • Up to 45% increase of customer conversion rate
  • Up to 20% increase of Average Order Value
  • Up to 35% of revenue increase

Download the ebook now and learn how your business can use prediction engineering and machine learning, predict what customers will buy next in ecommerce and in store and increase revenues by 30%

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