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Mobiplus recommendation platform enables   e-tennis     & newcult  to move in the next era of shopping by offering new experiences to consumers in store and e-commerce.

Personalization is the central component of the new era where businesses predict what the customer will buy, inform them and bring them to the physical or online store to make the purchase.

E-tennis will offer in store personalization and collect customers shopping data using Annie intelligent in store shopping assistant.

In store experiences contain in store E commerce, next-Level Customer Acquisition, Virtual Try-Ones, Augmented Reality. Gamification and Automated Returns.

Mobplus shopping recommendation platform   uses Machine Learning, and he Purchase Data   that reside in e-tennis & newcult e-shop to predict what each customer will buy next.

Recommends to each customer the products they want to buy, in real time, automatically and offers unforgettable experiences where customers discover new products effortlessly!

For e-tennis especially a custom recommendation engine for rackets and paddles is created that takes into account the weight, length and head of the racket for recommendations!

Retail   and ecommerce businesses using the mobiplus shopping personalization platform in e-commerce and in-store have:

• 15 to 45% increase in customer conversion rate

• 33% increase in average order value

• 30% more products in the cart.

• 70% more customer data and shopping preferences than stores.

• 33% cost reduction in customer service in stores.

• 16 to 35% more revenue.

See here case study 10.000 euro for your e-shop!

The recommended products are shown in form of carrousels in the eshop and in store.

  • Recommended products in the home page for quest
  • Recommended products in the product page
  • Recommended  products in the cart
  • Recommended products for login user
  • Same style recommendations (optional)
  • Seasonality engine
  • Real time retraining for new products
  • Offers recommendation engine
  • Destocking recommendation engine

The mobiplus shopping recommendation engine is in the cloud and is connected via API in an easy way to    e-tennis & newcult e-shop from  their Developers.

Thousands of businesses internationally are using Machine Learning and Shopping Data and delivering personalized experiences to their customers!

Experiences where customers discover products they want to buy without effort….without search!

To learn how the top companies in the world increase revenue up to 30% from existing customers read the book below.

In store personalization and customer acquisition!

Annie Intelligent instore Shopping Assistant  

E-tennis physical retail store    will now be able to offer digital experiences to customers where the consumer will be able to have a personal shopping assistant who will be able to help them with their purchases.

E-tennis stores will be able to transform themselves through in store   e commerce, next-Level customer acquisition   and in the future   with virtual try-ons, augmented reality, gamification and automated returns.

E-tennis Annie intelligent in store shopping assistant will offer:

  • In store personalization
  • In store customer data collection
  • In store customer delight
  • Revenue increase

Annie Intelligent in store Shopping Assistant is connected via the store’s wifi   or LAN with   e-tennis eshop and mobiplus shopping recommendation platform.

The digitaldisplay    unit   is  LCD  technology  with   49inches   touch   screen , 1.8m x 0.68m x 0.022m , 45 kgr  weight , Android  11 , wi fi , Lan , 4G , speakers , pos handle.

Read our book and learn why instore personalization and shopping data is the name of the game. 

NewCult  is a constantly growing Greek company, active in the field of clothing, footwear & accessories.

It operates in wholesale, retail and e-commerce.

In terms of wholesale, it exclusively represents international brands such as: Buffalo, A Fish named Fred, Jott, Capslab, Smithy’s, Khujo, Chpo, Glacial, Alma Libre, Santa Cruz, Homeboy, Diamond Supply, Straye, Knockaround, Tealer, Staple Pigeon , The Hundreds, Crooks & Castles, Zoo York and Chunk.

In the area of retail sales, it has a network of 3 retail stores in Glyfada and a constantly growing online retail store, all with a variety of branded brands.

Their  manifesto as a company: We believe in freedom and that in order to feel free one must be able to express it.

E-tennis   offers tennis and paddle rackets, shoes, clothes and accessories in 4 premium tennis shops. All the top brands at bargain prices.

E-tennis.gr is the largest online – specialized store with tennis equipment in Greece.

You will find all the new rackets of the leading tennis brands, Wilson, Babolat, Head, Prince, Nike, Adidas, Asics tennis clothes and shoes but also accessories, training aids and court equipment.

Everything at the best market price, ready for delivery and in incredible offers.

The company has stores in Athens and Thessaloniki in order to help the consumer in choosing the right racket and the rest of your equipment according to the level and the special needs of the customer.

At e-tennis stores, certified stringers (ERSA certified) handle the stringing of the racket using the top Wilson Baiardo racket stringing machines.

How to create a personalised e-shop. Household Equipment  with Artificial Intelligence and increase revenue by 30%?

Get 750 extra products in your basket in 10 days!

mobiplus  member  Elevate Greece
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