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How retailers bring customers from smartphones!

Smartphones are like PCs but   ……. smaller!

Designing   only your eshop so is mobile ready you are losing the opportunity to reach  effectively  4 billion Smartphone users today.

Sending   sms  and messenges to your customers smartphone you annoy them.

But smartphones are the most important platform for influencing human behavior.

No other medium- TV, word of mouth or web are more effective at effecting what humans believe  and   do!

There are some unique characteristics in  the way consumers use  smartphones and if you understand  them you can increase your revenues by 30%.

There are three reasons why smartphones are ruling the persuasion universe  for shopping:

  • We love them!

You wont feel completely whole ,entirely yourself if you go out without it , you will feel lost !

  • Always by your side!

Either seeking information , making decisions, taking action, regretting or doing something wrong.

  • They have magic!

With the simplest Smartphone today you can talk, communicate, connect, reach, and find anyone on earth!

Mobile technology is biasing our perceptions and persuasion in shopping  becomes more relevant because mobile devices enhance our social interactions.

Web is far behind from this!

Mobile technology will play a central role in the reinvention of health care improving its  quality, effectiveness and humanity.

Many applications arise from virtual personal visits to the doctor, nutrition tracking services providing personalized feedback and motivation.

Gaming  skyrockets creating procedural models of fantasy lives with strong persuasive techniques that drive you to the next level.

A significant factor in the mobile persuasive gaming design is the context of the user at the moment of play.

Mobile technology is used to boost physical activity with many applications that appear in the play store.

Augmented reality is also a strong technology in the Smartphone arena that will help users to combine two worlds the moment you need it!

There  is a  great difference with web design and technology.

In mobile technology the context of the user, meaning where you are at the moment of interaction and what are your expectations and needs are  is  very important in the service that your mobile handset provides that particular moment.

The experience that the Smartphone provides should be expressive, memorable and much more desirable.

Mobile devices are smaller than computers and many people thing that the information that will have to show to the user is with smaller icons.

Your eshop should not be smaller so consumers can see it from their smartphones.

Your product offers should not be smaller so consumers can see it from their smartphone!

Your company should offer mobile experiences to your users that recognize their context.

Where they are, what they are doing that particular moment, what they need and give it to them.

To learn how the top companies in the world increase revenue up to 30% from  customers read the book below.

Mobile experiences should not be smaller but smarter!

Engaging mobile experiences are the once that stand from the crowd.

They must deliver rich, compelling and connect personally to the user.

And please  emphasize personally.

Mobile marketing is completely different from TV, internet ads, radio, and the difference is that should be extremely personal and contextual.

You can ignore an email that is not relevant in your today’s needs.

You get anger with an irrelevant sms or chat!

The three pillars of mobile marketing are

  • Personalization is critical giving information to the user at the right time and context…

imaging you are in your favorite white lining shop, looking bathroom towels and suddenly the company sents you a message for a special discount for your favorite towels.

  • Great mobile marketing is a service

imaging you are in your favorite clothes shop, you are in front of the dresses section and suddenly you get a video how you can combine this particular dress with other accessories that you searched  in their site least week.

  • Relationships drive transactions…..

imaging the above moment that   the consumer has a question to ask……opens the messenger that is connected to the video and asks about the accessories in different color. You virtual shopping assistant replays and the consumer orders the particular accessory.

Almost daily someone asks how urgent is for me to go mobile?

If your competitor succeeds in engaging your customer before you, with meaningful interactions, then your job becomes much harder or impossible.

Mobile has the power to persuade consumers as no other platform.

Humans are hooked when three states come together

  • Trigger first external and then internal….

for example a notification comes in your customer handset about some new arrivals that your recommender predicts that he wants.

  • Reward……

your customer opens mobiplus app and he finds the shoes he wanted to buy …he is happy now…..Happines  runs through his body.

  • Investment…..

mobiplus app using artificial intelligence and state of the art recommendation engineering asks him if he wanted to buy a new bag. Maybe it predicts that he might go travelling next month.

Your customer interacts with the app, gives some more info about his preferences

And then is hooked.

He waits then for your   mobiplus shopping recommender for the next recommendation.

When the recommendation arrives he opens the app with anxiety.

Then the process repeats itself.

Doesn’t it remind you the way you use facebook.

You are hooked too.

When a notification comes, that your friend George posted something you open it immediately.

And is very difficult for another platform to steal you from facebook.

The unique characteristics of mobile is that is always with you.

You have to find what are the moments of need of your product or service in order to start the engagement.

In the shopping frame the relevant moments are

Then notify him for this particular product in the mobiplus app or in your app.

  • When he enters you shop your mobiplus shopping recommender app should pop up with his product preferences.
  • When he goes shopping in the shopping area near you , to notify him for the product he wants to buy next week , new arrivals or special offers if this is what he is looking for.

The final and most important attribute that mobile shopping recommendation requires is simplicity.

Your mobile shopping recommendations should navigate him towards the path of purchase.

Show him the product or the offering and guide him to your physical or electronic shop to complete the purchase.

Show him relevant products  that the recommender predicts he would want to buy.

Products with big picture, exceptional and simple design.

The mobiplus  shopping  recommendation  application allows the consumer to choose your company and connects to your recommender.

Mobiplus app collects during appropriate moments consumer shopping information and provides to  new and existing  customers  your shopping recommendations.

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