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Your  e-shop now can get 10.000 euro additional revenues for every 80.000 of revenues that it makes using mobiplus shopping recommendation platform.

Read the case study below and learn how   Dpharmacy made it using mobiplus shopping recommendation platform.

Look Dpharmacys  KPIs below:

  • Shop Revenues: 93.363€
  • Revenues of Recommended Buyed Products: 10.030€
  • Session-based Recommender 17.618.478
  • Products Recommended: 8.796
  • Place on Wishlist: 694
  • Buy Products: 9.252

For a period of sales of 93.363 Euros 10.030 Euros came from product recommendations.

Mobiplus shopping recommendation platform  uses Artificial intelligence and theshopping data from the past that the eshop has  and predicts with significant accuracy what new and old customers will buy next.

Customers can find products without   search, discover products they hadn’t imagined, come back again and again for this personalized experience and increase your revenues up to 30%.

See  consumers experience  here.

Mobiplus shopping recommendation platform consists of    9 shopping recommendation engines which predict what products customers will buy and recommend it.

The recommended products are shown in form of carrousels

  • Recommended products in the home page for quest
  • Recommended products in the product page
  • Recommended  products in the cart
  • Recommended products for login user
  • Same style recommendations (optional)
  • Seasonality engine
  • Real time retraining for new products
  • Offers recommendation engine
  • Destocking recommendation engine

The mobiplus shopping recommendation engine is in the cloud and is connected via API in an easy way from   your e-shop Developer.

Thousands of businesses internationally are using Machine Learning and Shopping Data and delivering personalized experiences to their customers!

Experiences where customers discover products they want to buy without effort….without search!


To learn how the top companies in the world increase revenue up to 30% from existing customers read the book below.

The ecommerce platform is magento II and is created by stonewave , a leading ecommerce company in Greece.

Stonewave provides intelligent eshops and ecommerce platforms that take ecommerce in the next era .In the era of prediction.

Prediction era in ecommerce enables retail businesses to offer personalized experiences to customers, break apart from competition and increase revenues up to 30%.

Is a magento II technology that integrates with mobiplus shopping recommendation platform.

Stonewave is a tech expert provider that delivers strategy, application development and enterprise integration on leading open technologies.

They create custom products flexible to the demands of each project and are involved in every project trying to understand the needs and vision of each customer.

They are a diverse mix of software developers, who work like a well-oiled machine. Through their passion for each project, they create unique results.

You can contact them here for technical assistance and mobiplus magento plugin.

Read our book and learn why instore personalization and shopping data is the name of the game. 

About  https://www.dpharmacy.gr/gr/

Pharmacy with a history of over 100 years. The physical store of the pharmacy has been operating in the same place of the city of Thebes for about 100 years!

The online presence of the pharmacy with the online electronic store (e-shop) completes 10 years of life, managing to grow gradually into one of the largest online pharmacies in Greece.

At Dpharmacy Online you will find thousands of products for WOMEN, MEN and CHILDREN. You can choose your online purchases from dozens of categories of products and cosmetics for the face and body.

With thousands of items from the largest pharmaceutical companies in the field, they provide a rich variety of products at the most competitive prices on the market.

The Dpharmacy team, are at consumers disposal to give advice over the phone on any health and hygiene issue that concerns you with their legitimate scientific competence.

Don’t forget to visit the OFFERS page with dozens of products in offers up to -75%.

How to create a personalised e-shop. Household Equipment  with Artificial Intelligence and increase revenue by 30%?

Get 750 extra products in your basket in 10 days!

mobiplus  member  Elevate Greece
Confirmed Innovation.


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